KofC BAnner

Pray for the Sick

Let us keep all of the following in our Prayers

Ashlyn Kiwala (8/02)
John Glueckert Sr. (8/02)
Cathy Morrow (8/02)
Kyleigh Taylor (8/02)
Karen Balaskas (8/02)
Ray & Gloria Check (8/02)
Marilyn Dockus (8/02)
Bob Gaudio (8/02)
Tony Sulla (8/02)
Dick Clark (8/02)
Don Hecht (8/02)
Paul Schmidt (8/02)Don Hecht

Please pray for the thousands of innocent babies who will be killed in the US, this month, by abortions, for our United States Military troops in harm’s way, the victims of natural disasters, peace and all deceased Knights and their families.

TO BE ADDED OR DELETED FROM PRAYER LIST Contact Brother Deacon Joseph at jyannotta@comcast.net.   Remember All deceased Knights and their families

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